Plastic Security Seals

Plastic Security Seals is a stocking distributor of indicative plastic security seals that are single use tamper evident security seals. This type of indicative plastic security seal allows the seal to indicate whether tampering has occurred.  Adjustable variable length indicative plastic seals or pull tight seals are ideal for use when one seal is used to secure multiple items or when a specific item can vary by size.....

Plastic truck seals, Tug Tight security seals, Padlock security seals and many more fixed and adjustable length security seals are commonly used within all industries. Our Tug Tight seals product line is available in a range of colors, can be consecutively numbered, embossed or hot-stamped with company name or logo.

See our indicative plastic security seal line and decide which indicative adjustable security seal or fixed length indicative security seals best fits your needs.

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