Fire Resistant Tote Bag

25" x 18" x 18" Fire-Block Tote Bag

Product Code: 16-232-5002-08
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Price: $209.00

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25" x 18" x 18"  Fire-Block Tote Bag

Color: Navy Only

Made of laminated 1000 Denier fabric with a moisture-proof coating to prevent contents from curling. Rigid construction and square-bottom design simplify loading. Horizontal or vertical style available. 1000 Denier bag skirt reinforces bottom for longevity. 7-Pin lock provides maximum security. UltimaShield metal guard, and heavy-duty vinyl guard protect lock if bag is dropped. Velcro flap shields both lock and pick-resistant zipper from heat. Wrap around handles support bag weight, and provide carrying comfort. Includes two keys (keyed differently). Orders placed by noon central time ship in one business day (No Imprint).  Maximum order: 5.